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New Service: Repings Server Monitoring

July 25, 2019

Repings is an easy to use server monitoring service. The range of functions is essentially limited to periodic checks of services (currently HTTP and Ping) and the notification delivery via Telegram Messenger.

It is an Erlang/OTP app built with Elixir and the Phoenix framework.

Users sign in via Telegram Login and Telegram Messenger. A new account and a Telegram chat for the notifications will be created on the first log in.

A free plan is available: TRY REPINGS

IPv6 Geolocation Reactivated

July 15, 2019

IPv6 Geolocation Deactivated

February 27, 2018

RevolverMaps has run IPv4 and IPv6 in parallel for a while now. Users with an IPv6 connection were located on the basis of their IPv6 address.

In fact the accuracy seems to be currently higher when users are located by their IPv4 address.

For this reason IPv6 geolocation has been deactivated for an indefinite period. It will be reactivated as soon as the geolocation data for IPv6 addresses provides better accuracy.

RevolverMaps Standard GL Improved

March 15, 2017

  • added responsive dimensions
  • performance improvements

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Mini Globe Improved

March 4, 2017

Added responsive dimensions to RevolverMaps Mini GL.

Standard Globe Improved

February 20, 2017

Completed HiDPI (retina) support for RevolverMaps Standard GL.

New Widget: RevolverMaps Link

December 8, 2016

Your Link Text

The visible part of this widget is just a text link. A click on the link opens the public live statistics page providing detailed information on your visitors. Your CSS rules will apply to the text link.

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Improved: Sharpness for the Smallest RevolverMaps Widget!

October 27, 2016

The JavaScript version of the RevolverMaps Button is now optimized for HiDPI displays. This new version is displayed if the browser as well as the graphics hardware offer sufficient WebGL support. Otherwise the previous version of the button will be displayed.

Installations of this widget being not much older than about 3 years will receive this update automatically (Note that the old version may still be served by your browser cache...). If you have an older installation you can upgrade: Make your new button, follow these instructions: How to update my existing RevolverMaps Widget.... Please read the instructions carefully before starting the procedure!

Beyond the Maps: Compact Share Buttons

August 31, 2016

The essential social media share buttons for your website. More information at

Beyond the Maps: Revolversweeper is Here!

July 28, 2016

A 3D variant of the game Minesweeper. Play it in your web browser!

Mobile Version of the Live Statistics Page

May 26, 2016

The mobile version of the live statistics page - recently launched - has been completed with the 24 hours charts.

RevolverMaps Mini Classic Updated

February 25, 2016

Finally the classic mini globe has been ported from Flash to HTML5. All RevolverMaps widgets are now available as an HTML5 implementation.

Installations of this widget that are not older than 3 years will get this update automatically. If you are running an older version you can do an upgrade: Make your new mini globe, follow these instructions: How to update my existing RevolverMaps Widget...

The improved mini globe is optimized for high DPI displays and supports the new RevolverMaps energy saving techniques.

The Flash globe still is displayed as fallback if the client system doesn't meet the minimum requirements for the new globe.

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RevolverMaps Standard Classic Updated

February 8, 2016

The good old Flash globe has been ported to HTML5. The new version looks like the old globe with less aliasing. In addition it supports touch gestures, UTF-8 text labels, it saves energy (lazy resource loading, no rendering if it's not visible), brings back the mouse wheel support and it looks great on high DPI displays.

The Flash globe still is displayed as fallback if the client system doesn't meet the minimum requirements for the new globe.

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Standard Globe Improved

January 22, 2016

Added 2D labels to RevolverMaps Standard GL.

Location Data Quality Improved / IPv6 Support Added

January 15, 2016

The administrative divisions of several countries have been revised and updated.

Latin script based location names are now available as UTF-8 character strings with correct diacritics.

And the top news is:

The RevolverMaps service supports IPv6 – the upcoming internet protocol – in parallel to IPv4 now. This will ensure a good accuracy of the geolocation in the future.

Mini Globe Improved

January 14, 2016

Added HiDPI (retina) support to RevolverMaps Mini GL.

World Clock RevolverClock ...

February 4, 2015

... is here, displaying the local time of several cities on a 3D realtime globe.

Improved Widget: RevolverMaps Plain

December 22, 2014

This refurbished version of the 2D widget provides lots of new customization options. It's HTML5 based, responsive and retina optimized.

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New Website for RevolverMaps

August 14, 2014

The RevolverMaps website got a new face today. Report a problem.

Note that the classic Java globe is no longer the default 3D view at the live statistics page. But you can reactivate it in the bottom toolbar of the new 3D view GLobe (this button: ). New Java versions may prevent the execution of the Java applet. Please find more information and a workaround here.

Hardware Problems (fixed)

July 29, 2014

A downtime of several hours affected parts of the website as well as several users of the service yesterday. Please clear your browser cache if your stats are not showing up correctly.

New Widget: RevolverMaps Standard GL

June 17, 2014

RevolverMaps Standard GL is the refurbished version of the RevolverMaps Standard widget providing lots of new customization options. Basing on web technologies like Javascript and WebGL it's independent of 3rd party plugins.

This new widget provides the same technical features as the recently published RevolverMaps Mini GL, please see the next entry.

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New Widget: RevolverMaps Mini GL

April 17, 2014

Ubuntu 13.10Firefox 28Intel HD 4000
Ubuntu 13.10Chromium 33Intel HD 4000
Ubuntu 13.10Firefox 28Intel HD
Ubuntu 13.10Chromium 33Intel HD
Ubuntu 14.04Firefox 28Intel HD
Ubuntu 14.04Chromium 34Intel HD
Windows 7Firefox 26Intel HD
Windows 7Firefox 28Intel HD
Windows 7Chrome 34Intel HD
Windows 7Firefox 26Intel HD 4000
Windows 7Firefox 28Intel HD 4000
Windows 7Chrome 33Intel HD 4000
Windows 7Chrome 34Intel HD 4000
Windows 8.1Firefox 28Intel HD
Windows 8.1Chrome 34Intel HD
Windows 8.1Firefox 28NVIDIA GeForce GT610
Windows 8.1Chrome 34NVIDIA GeForce GT610
Windows 8.1Firefox 28AMD Radeon R7 250
Windows 8.1Chrome 34AMD Radeon R7 250
Mac OS X MavericksChrome 34Intel Iris Graphics
Mac OS X MavericksFirefox 28Intel Iris Graphics
Android 4.2.2 (Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini)Chrome for Android 34Qualcomm Adreno 305
the table shows several Mini GL test setups
RevolverMaps Mini GL is a refurbished version of the RevolverMaps Mini widget providing lots of new customization options. Basing on web technologies like Javascript and WebGL it's independent of 3rd party plugins.


  • hardware accelerated rendering
  • antialiasing (mipmaps, bilinear/trilinear filtering)
controls (activate it with the REVOLVERMAPS button):

  • mouse and touchscreen support
  • change zoom level with mouse wheel or buttons
  • drag the globe into the desired view
energy saving features (lowering bandwith/CPU/GPU consumption):
  • loading of resources is deferred until the globe comes into view
  • synchronization of visitor data as well as the rendering loop stops if the globe is off-screen (in a background tab or scrolled out of the browser window)

Technical Backgrounds

browser compatibility:

As every RevolverMaps widget this one consists of two functional parts:

  1. The collection of the visitor data is designed to work in every and even very old browser.
  2. The monitoring function (the visible globe) is currently compatible with the lastest releases of the following web browsers:
    Note: As the most hardware accelerated 3D applications the globe also depends on the graphics hardware and the graphics driver.

    • Chrome/Chromium
    • Firefox
    • Chrome for Android
The globe will be displayed in Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer as soon as these browsers provide WebGL as a non experimental feature.

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Server Problems (fixed)

January 4, 2014

A longer downtime affected several users of the service today. The cause was a broken hardware. If your stats are not showing up correctly please clear browser cache and try again.

New: GLobe on Live Statistics Page

December 22, 2013

Ubuntu 13.04Firefox 26Intel HD 4000
Ubuntu 13.04Chromium 31Intel HD 4000
Ubuntu 13.10Firefox 26Intel HD
Ubuntu 13.10Chromium 31Intel HD
Windows 7Firefox 26Intel HD
Windows 7Chrome 31Intel HD
Windows 7Firefox 26Intel HD 4000
Windows 7Chrome 31Intel HD 4000
Windows 8.1Firefox 26GeForce GT610
Windows 8.1Opera 18GeForce GT610
Windows 8.1Chrome 31GeForce GT610
Windows 8.1Firefox 26Radeon R7 250
Windows 8.1Opera 18Radeon R7 250
Windows 8.1Chrome 31Radeon R7 250
Mac OS X MavericksSafari 7Intel Iris Graphics
Mac OS X MavericksChrome 31Intel Iris Graphics
the table shows several GLobe test setups
The new 3D view GLobe provides a wider range of features and takes advantage of the hardware acceleration through the WebGL API. It's supposed to replace the good old Java globe.

To activate it go to the Live Statistics Page and select the 3D view. The GL button in the toolbar at the bottom of the old globe appears if your system is ready for WebGL. It links to the new globe. The button will restore the classic Java globe.

GLobe was successfully tested on systems with configurations listed in the table on the right.

See the FAQ for more information about WebGL and a list of compatible browsers.

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