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About the RevolverMaps Service

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The RevolverMaps Service is created by Daniel Seifert (Karma Implementor).

Web - A server monitoring tool. - A 3D variant of the video game Minesweeper basing on HTML5 / WebGL. - The essential social media buttons for your website. - An interactive world clock on a 3D globe.


*Your mail is appreciated but not every mail will be answered. If you have technical questions please read the FAQ first. Please don't forget to provide a link to your website containing the widget.

English and German are the preferred languages. Requests in other languages will be machine translated and may be hard to understand.

If you want to report a problem please consider to provide additional information about your operating system, webbrowser and webbrowser version if this information is necessary to reproduce the problem. Screenshots can also be a good instrument.


RevolverMaps is funded by the advertisements on this website. However, if you wish to support the work on RevolverMaps with a donation you are invited to send money via PayPal.Me.


  • many thanks to Reimar from for great geolocation support during the early days of the service
  • the service uses map images from the NASA Visible Earth collection

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RevolverMaps are customizable visitor map widgets combined with a live statistics function. The easy setup makes the free service attractive for private and professional webmasters, webdesigners, bloggers, social networkers...
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