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Widget Description: The RevolverMaps Button is configurable to display either the client location or the recent visitor locations on a small rotating realtime globe. If you configure the widget to display recent visitor locations, new visitor locations will appear live on the globe. A click on the button opens the public live statistics page providing detailed information on your visitors.
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  • widget, compatible with mobile devices
  • optimized for retina (HiDPI) displays (JavaScript version)


The appearance of the button is highly customizable. Feel free to play with the options:

1. Select a Button:

pure globe:


globe on image:

2. Choose Surface Appearance:


3. Choose Colors

land color:   #

ocean color:   #

dot color:   #

4. Advanced Settings

globe rotation speed: (JavaScript version only, see code options)

normal:    on mouse over: 

the little globe will display:

the client location (your user sees his / her location as one dot)
the locations of your recent visitors in realtime (JavaScript version only, see code options)

code options:

JavaScript version (animated), displays static button if the browser doesn't meet the minimum requirements (recommended)

HTML-Button (static), try this one if the JavaScript version fails on your profile

BBCode (static), for, forums etc.


show sample background

5. Copy the Code to Your Site...*

new map

Can't install this widget on your profile? Try the HTML-Map or the HTML-Button!

*By copying the code you agree to the Terms of Service (link opens in a new window).

RevolverMaps are customizable visitor map widgets combined with a live statistics function. The easy setup makes the free service attractive for private and professional webmasters, webdesigners, bloggers, social networkers...
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