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All contents of (with the exception of the map images taken from the NASA Visible Earth Blue Marble collection) are developed, maintained, published and copyrighted by

Karma Implementor
Daniel Seifert
Straße der Nationen 12
09111 Chemnitz

VAT ID: DE276668009

phone: +49 371 233 80 316

Terms of Service

By using the website you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Karma Implementor reserves the right to update and change the terms of service at any time without notice. Any new features that alter the current service will be subject to the terms of service. Your continued use of the service implies your consent to such changes.

Basic Terms

  • You must be at least 13 years of age to use this Service.
  • You must be a human being. Accounts basing on automated methods like robots are not permitted.
  • may not be used for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. By using this service you must not violate any laws in your jurisdiction.
  • The RevolverMaps Service may not be used on websites providing illegal or racist content.
  • Your map must be clearly visibile on your site. You must not alter the code that is generated by and embeds your map into your website.
  • You may not abuse, harass, threaten or intimidate other users of this service.

Modifications of the Service

  • Karma Implementor reserves the right to modify or terminate the service temporarily or permanently without notice.

General Conditions

  • Karma Implementor reserves the right to alter or delete any part of this service (including your account) at any time with or without notice.
  • Your account can be deleted without notice if it causes too much traffic.
  • You can let anyone know about the free service and the map on your site.
  • Your use of the service is at your sole risk and all liability becomes yours from the usage. The service is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.
  • You must not modify, adapt, hack, duplicate, reproduce, copy, sell, resell, redistribute or exploit any part of the service.
  • Karma Implementor offers no warranty that the service will be free of errors and secure and offers furthermore no warranty for correctness and reliability of the results obtained from the use of the service.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been created in order to show the commitment of the company (Karma Implementor) to protecting the privacy of users of this website as well as the widget service. The following sections describe how and for what purpose information of users of this website/widgetservice is collected, published and used.

  1. General

    • The services hosted by don't require a registration.
    • No data collected by the revolvermaps servers is shared with third parties.
    • Privacy information about client side third party advertising integration is available in section (2) below.
  2. Information Collection when visiting this Website

    The following information apply only to the use of this website. Please find privacy information about the web service under (3).


    If someone requests a file from (usually by visiting with a web browser) no more information is collected than is typically expected to be collected by a website (IP address, referer, browser information, OS information). This logged information will be used by Karma Implementor for debugging purposes, internal statistics, quality assurance but will not be published except of being hacked and/or stolen.

    General Information on Cookies

    A cookie is a small amount of data stored on the clients hard drive containing information about the client but no personal information about the user. Cookies are used to keep user information during a session for instance. Most wellknown browsers support cookies and provide options to disable the cookie service, to clear all cookie data and to inspect the cookies set by a certain domain.

    RevolverMaps Cookies uses HTTP cookies to improve the usability of the website. Therefore cookies will be accessed (created, read and written) only on client side to store and retrieve several user settings. All necessary cookie action is handled by client side JavaScript code. Due to their technical characteristics cookies will be send to with every page request but no information from cookies will be read, collected and stored at the server. To avoid plaintext transmissions the whole RevolverMaps website is accessible through SSL secured connections (HTTPS). Using the world wide web you should generally prefer SSL connections over unsecured connections.

    The following table lists the cookies used by

    Cookie NameCurrent Value (N/A if the cookie is not set)Where at
    _w3dlive statistics pagewidth of the 3D globe (GLobe) on the live statistics page
    _wddlive statistics pagewidth of the 2D map on the live statistics page
    wloclive statistics pagewidth of the Locations table on the live statistics page
    cookieconsentglobalrelevant for end users from the EU: don't display the cookie consent message if set

    You can use the following button to delete the cookies listed in the table above. This procedure may not work in all browsers. After the deletion you should check the table again. If the values don't change to N/A you have to clear the cookies in your browser settings.

    Third Party Advertising Cookies uses Google Adsense as a third-party advertising service to serve ads when you visit certain webpages. Google Adsense may use cookies to serve ads based on your prior visits to a webpage. In addition, Google uses the DoubleClick cookie which enables Google and it's partners to serve ads based on your prior visits to other sites on the internet too. You can opt out the use of the DoubleClick cookie by visiting Ads Settings. You can opt out Google's and third party vendor's use of cookies for interest-based advertising by visiting Please find more information about the practices of the third party advertising company and your choices about not having this information used by this company at and

    DOM Storage

    Similar to HTTP cookies DOM storage is a method used for storing data persistently in a web browser. In constrast to HTTP cookies data from DOM storage is not submitted with the HTTP request header. Compared to cookies this technology provides a considerably enhanced storage capacity. uses DOM storage to keep more complex user preferences on client side.

    Every wellknown browser provides the option to clear all persistent data. Normally DOM storage is cleared together with cookies. Most browsers provide options to disable the DOM storage service and to inspect the data stored by a certain domain.

    The following table lists details of DOM storage usage by

    KeyLifetimeWhere at
    _dmPrefpersistentlive statistics pagepreferred display mode (2D od 3D). Required for the Locations view.
    _2dmpersistentlive statistics page2D display mode: stores the last selected 2D mode (new map (mapZ) or classic map)
    _3dmpersistentlive statistics page3D display mode: stores the last selected 3D mode (new globe (GLobe) or classic globe)
    websiteversionpersistentlive statistics pagestores the prefered site view (desktop/mobile)
    livemapz[...]settingspersistentlive statistics pagestores user preferences for the 2D map (mapZ) like filter settings etc.
    livermgl[...]settingspersistentlive statistics pagestores user preferences for the 3D globe (GLobe) like filter settings etc.
    bars[...]settingspersistentlive statistics pagestores sort column, sort order and view mode for the Locations view
    _m[...]persistentlive statistics pagestores the map image used for the visualizations at the live stats page
    _c[...]persistentlive statistics pagestores the dot color used for the visualizations at the live stats page
    rmSetupPreviewBGColorsessionsetup pagesstores the color of the preview area
    rmSetupSampleBGCheckedsessionsetup pagesstores the setting for the sample background of the preview area
  3. Widget Service and Public Statistics

    In order to utilize the widget service no personal user information will be required. In general the usage of the widget on a website is attached to the public statistics presentation at providing the following information in realtime: an estimated country and region information derived from the IP address of the user opening the website containing the widget. The service does neither store nor publish any IP addresses. The widget service does not make use of HTTP cookies. The widget service does not make use of DOM storage.

last update: November 4, 2015

RevolverMaps are customizable visitor map widgets combined with a live statistics function. The easy setup makes the free service attractive for private and professional webmasters, webdesigners, bloggers, social networkers...
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